Title:  The Physics of Self-Assembly

20 July at 12h00
Facultad de Ciencias, Módulo 00, sala de conferencias.

CC2022Alfredo Alexander-Katz


The Physics of Self-Assembly

Natural systems use self-assembly as a route to create exquisite structures and living systems. Here, I will talk about the physical foundations of this process in polymeric materials and composites, highlighting the role of entropy in such self-assembled systems. I will introduce a conceptual framework akin to the physics of electronic systems in which a Hamiltonian can be derived for a general class of polymeric self-assembling systems and from which one can quantitatively and qualitatively understand many properties. I will show how systems self-assemble in the bulk and in confinement as a function of architecture and composition. To finalize I will discuss some interesting avenues of research in the future and how such knowledge can be of interest to society.