Summer School 2006



Biophysics of Biological Circuits: From Molecules to Networks

Miraflores de la Sierra, Residencia La Cristalera, 19-22 September 2006


Sponsored by:

Fundación BBVA

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Gonzalo García de Polavieja, Biofísica (INC, UAM)

Raúl Guantes, Biofísica (INC, UAM)

Juan F. Poyatos, Evolutionary Systems Biology (CNIO, CNIO)

Marisela Vélez, Biofísica (INC, UAM)

Secretary: Marta Irimia (INC, UAM)


The school is planed for participants coming from different disciplines but with strong interest in Biophysics. Our goal is to introduce them to some relevant biological problems for which a physical approach, conceptual as well as experimental, has firmly contributed to their understanding. To this end, we have divided the School in three sections sharing a common framework: the view of biological networks as modular assemblies where the properties of individual elements as well as the behavior of the modules can be studied with present day experimental techniques.


The topics included in this course are divided according to the following categories:

Biophysics of genetic networks: Design principles of genetic circuits, noise in gene expression, regulation and control of genetic networks.
Biophysics of neuronal circuits: Dynamics of neural networks, olfactory processing, problems in visual attention.
Biophysics of individual molecules: Biophysics of molecular motors, biomechanics, behavior of single molecules in living cells.


Biophysics of genetic networks

Attila Becskei, Institute of Molecular Biology, Zurich

Mark Goulian, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Pablo Iglesias, The Johns Hopkins University, USA

Biophysics of neuronal circuits

Fabrizio Gabbiani, Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Bjorn Brembs, Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany

Dmitri Chklovskii,Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA

Biophysics of single molecules and cell organization

Patricia Bassereau, Institut Curie, France

Marileen Dogterom, AMOLF, Netherland

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