Lunes 20 de febrero 2012
12h00-13h00 “More dimensións in low dimensions -possible triplet superconductiity and luttinger liquid physics in quasi-one-dimensional Li0.9Mo6017”
Seminar room of the Modulo 08 (sala de grados módulo 08,, 2nd floor Fac de Ciencias

Prof. Niguel Hussey (University of Bristol)
The confinement of interacting electrons to a single dimension leads to a complete breakdown of conventional metallic (Fermi-liquid) behaviour and the emergence of a new paradigm based on collective, rather than individual, electronic excitations with independent spin and charge degrees of freedom. In this talk, I will describe our Group’s search for signatures of novel physical phenomena on the boundary of this one-dimensional paradigm, including the discovery of a gross violation of the Wiedemann-Franz law, linking the thermal and electrical conductivities, in the quasi-one-dimensional purple bronze Li0.9Mo6O17 [1]. We also report a detailed magnetotransport study of the upper critical field in Li0.9Mo6O17 that hints at the possibility of triplet superconductivity [2] and discuss the possible competition between(triplet) superconductivity and density-wave formation in this fascinating compound [3].

[1] N. Wakeham et al., Nature Communications, vol. 2, 296 (2011)

[2] J.-F. Mercure et al., submitted (2011).

[3] Xiaofeng Xu et al., Physical Review Letters, vol. 102, 206602 (2009).