The winners of this issue have been:

  • Youhuang Yang
  • Senlin Yue
  • Alejandro Blanco Peces
  • Andrés I. Tamargo Bracho
  • Elena Köhler Ruiz
  • Joan Javier Ronquillo Tutiven
  • Sergio García Herreros
  • Jorge García García
  • Jaime García Vidal
  • Julia Inglés Cerrillo
  • Asier García González





The Nicolás Cabrera Institute (INC) calls for 11 awards provided by the Department of Materials Physics (3 awards), the Condensed Matter Physics Center IFIMAC (2 awards) and the Departments of Condensed Matter Physics, Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Applied Physics (2 awards each), for research works performed by undergraduate students of Physics.

Deadline, 13 June 2022.


11 awards amounting to 1600 € (including taxes).

See all details at Cartel Awards Physics Students 2022.