THINFACE Winter school on
transversal skills for early stage scientific and engineering researchers

“La Cristalera”, Miraflores de la Sierra. Madrid,  2-6 de feb (2015)






In line with the spirit of the Initial Training Network actions, the present winter school aims at providing training in a branch of useful transversal competences for PhDs of scientific and technological branches. These competences aim at being transectorial and transdisciplinary. We aim in particular at providing a training on aspects that most PhDs have often not received or have self acquired in a non optimized way. Skills on writing (projects, reports, papers), patenting, finance (ask for funding, deal with a budget), entrepreneurship (scientific-technical start-ups), management of teams are some of the covered topics. All these topics merge to a final module of career prospects, where it is shown that in fact PhDs can become professionals in any of these domains.

The course covers a concentrated week of lectures and a series of complementary e-learning material and evaluation tasks, comprising comprehension tests as well as short activities.

The official language of the winterschool will be English.


2nd-6th February 2015

Residencia La Cristalera. Miraflores de la Sierra (Spain). www.lacristalera.comVENUE2nd-6th February 2015DATES


Please fill the Registration Form or directly from the Thinface site.

Registration covers: Training and Full Hosting from the lunch of Monday 2nd to the lunch of February 6th of February.

Registration FEES:

ITN early stage researchers, 900 €.

– 50% discount rate (ask for a grant*), 450 €

Granted Non ITN early stage researchers, 250 € (ask for a grant*)

Local attendee (No hosting included, lunch included) 50 €.

* send your CV to specifying if you are a registered student in one of the PCAM doctorate universities ( and include a supporting letter from your PhD supervisor.


In order to guarantee your participation in the School, registration fee + bank and transfer expenses, which are to be paid by participant, should be transferred to the following account:



Account 0049-6704-58- 2910002485

IBAN: ES34-0049-6704-58- 2910002485

VAT number of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (if needed for money transfer) is: ES-Q2818013A- SWIFT: BSCHESMM

To CONFIRM REGISTRATION send copy of your bank transfer to manuela.moreno at


Organizing Committee. Gian Paolo Brivio, Egbert Zoger, K. Rubahn, M. Manso Silván

Local Organizer, M. Manso Silván.


Manuela Moreno:,




– Registration until January 10th 2015.

– Grant requests (non ITN students) until December 10th 2014.


Arrival by plane:

You can reach Miraflores by taxi from the airport but this is an expensive choice (minimum 90.00 Euro, but please ask before for a price).

You can also take a taxi from the Airport to Plaza Castilla (approximate fare: 45.00 Euro) and then take a bus to Miraflores.

A good choice is taking Metro from Airport to Plaza Castilla and then a bus to Miraflores. At the airport, take Metro (underground), Line 8 (pink) to “Colombia” (3 stations). Transfer in Colombia to line 9 (purple) to “Plaza de Castilla” (3 stations). It should take about 25 minutes. You will find more info at the Metro webpage . In any case you can ask for a map of Metro for free when you buy a ticket.

Once you have reached Plaza Castilla there are a lot of bus stops between the two big inclined towers. Only one ( 725) goes to Miraflores de Sierra. Search number 725 (Madrid – Pza Castilla to Miraflores de la Sierra, Bustarviejo). Here you find a timetable of the bus 725 for Saturday  and Sunday ( bottom part indicated in Spanish as “Sabados Laborables, Domingos y Festivos”).

Taxi from Pza. Castilla to Miraflores costs minimum 60.00 Euro.

The trip to Miraflores de la Sierra takes approximately 60 minutes and departure is aprox. each hour from 7.30 a.m. till 23.15 p.m. Your stop is the next after “Soto del Real”.

One way ticket to Miraflores by bus 725 costs 2.75 Euro.

Arrival by train:

Coming from the North, the train station is usually Chamartin. From Chamartin, you can take the Metro (line 10: dark blue) to Plaza de Castilla but it is only one station and it is also easy to walk from Chamartin to Pza Castilla. If you arrive at Atocha, you can take the Metro (line 1: light blue, 13 stations) to Plaza Castilla and follow the above mentioned instructions for the bus.

Arrival by car:

Take the big periferial highway M-40. If you come from the south, Portugal, or the Zaragoza Highways, take direction North (N-I). If you come from the Burgos Highway (N-I) take the direction M-607 Tres Cantos- Colmenar Viejo. Go out of the M-40 to the M-607 Highway towards Tres Cantos-Colmenar viejo. When the Highway ends (roughly 30 km) take the direction Miraflores. After 30 km you will reach the village. Once there, follow the signs towards La Cristalera, or Puerto de la Morcuera. One km outside the village you will find the entrance to the residence on your left (but watch out for it since sign is not a big one and may be missed ) 

How to reach La Cristalera Residence:

La Cristalera is located at the route from Miraflores to Puerto de la Morcuera, one kilometer distance outside Miraflores. Miraflores de la Sierra is a vacations resort located at the mountains in the North of Madrid. There is no bus service between Miraflores and La Cristalera. In case of emergency, you can phone to the Residence by phones indicated below.

In any case, PLEASE NOTIFY US ABOUT YOUR ARRIVAL DATE AND TIME. We will try to organize transportation from the bus stop to the Residence for you, so that you can reach the residence without too much walking.

Telephone numbers of the residence for international calls are:
(+34 91) 844 3920/ (+34 91) 844 3989.