Nanomagnetism, the scientific field dedicated to the study of nanoscale magnetic objects, has undergone an explosion of activity over the last few decades, driven by fascinating discoveries such as novel ways to manipulate electron flow with much less energy loss or the development of novel multifunctional nanomaterials and promising biomedical applications. Solutions based on nanomagnetism address some of the current and future societal challenges giving rise to a new generation of disruptive technologies for use in many aspects of our daily life, spanning areas such as data storage ans sensing, energy harvesting and conversion, and biomedicine.

The International “Nicolás Cabrera” Summer School, funded by the BBVA Foundation (INC-FBBVA 2023) is the third edition of a summer school dedicated to nanomagnetism. The school is focused on Nanomagnetism for emerging technologies. The topics covered in the successful previous editions, INC2009 and INC2015, focused mainly on spin transport phenomena, have been complemented and expanded to be able to face the current and future challenges of society, which include the improvement of information technologies, clean and efficient energy, even solutions for health care. The summer school blends research topics of both fundamental relevance and important technological applications and has the endorsement of the European School of Magnetism (ESM). Both schools join for the first time.

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20230911_090631_Foto Inauguración1 ESM2023

Opening session of the XXIX International “Nicolás Cabrera” Summer School on Nanomagnetism for emerging technologies