To promote excellent work of the young scientists of the Nicolás Cabrera Institute (INC), by recognizing  main young authors of publications of the INC.



  • The publication has to include at least one member of the INC, and “Instituto Nicolás Cabrera” in the address or affiliation.
  • Date of the publication has to be between 01 November 2018 and 01 November 2019, and the candidate can be a PhD student or a young post doc, and should have read the PhD during the 2 years prior to the date of the publication.
  • The publication wil be presented in a talk or a poster in the Young researchers meeting 2019 of the INC.
  • Two different candidates cannot present the same publication.


Candidates should submit by email to inc@uam.es, before 1 Novembre 2019:

  • A letter from a senior coauthor of the publication explaining the contribution of the candidate to the publication and the future potential of the candidate..
  • One pdf file with the publication to be considered.

First prize

  • 400 € (including taxes)
  • A certificate

Second price

  • 100 € (including taxes)
  • A certificate

Third price

  • A certificate

Award committee

The Director of the INC will choose three senior scientifics, experts in Materials Science.

Award criteria

Relevance of the contribution of the candidate to the scientific exellence of the work and future projection of the candidate.

Announcement here