Colloquiums INC 2019: “Quantum thermodynamics and calorimetry in nano-electronic circuits”

Title:  Quantum thermodynamics and calorimetry in nano-electronic circuits

03 December at 12h00
Facultad de Ciencias, módulo 3, 5th floor, sala de seminarios Tuesday 03 December, 12h00


I will present our work at Aalto University on thermodynamics of mesoscopic electronic circuits. In the first part of the talk I discuss stochastic thermodynamics in circuits where single electrons can be controlled and detected. This set-up forms a platform for studies of non-equilibrium fluctuation relations, and has allowed us to realize and investigate two types of Maxwell’s demons. In the main part of the talk I introduce superconducting qubits as a working substance for experiments on quantum heat transport, refrigerators and heat engines, and I present our efforts towards measuring quantum trajectories by a calorimetric method.