INC Young Researcher Seminar

Dear  All,

For the second talk of the current series of seminars, we have Anton speaking

about his stay at Prof. Canfield’s single crystal growth Laboratory, Ames Lab, USA.

Please find the announcement below.

We organize these seminars every Friday at 1.00 pm, but since next two Friday’s

are coinciding with holidays, lets have seminars on Tuesday 1.00 pm. This will

also help the speakers to organize their talks on Weekends.

If you enjoy participating in these seminars, please give us your inputs. 

Please visit the following weblink to learn about previous talks,



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Non-conventional Superconductivity and Anisotropic Spin Fluctuation in Heavy Fermion Systems

Jueves 17 de mayo 201215h00-16h30 “Non-conventional superconductivity and Anisotropic Spin Fluctuation in Heavy-Fermion Systems”Prof: Sinsaku KAMBE (Adanced Science Research Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency; SPSMS/INAC CEA Grenoble).Resumen:  In unconventional superconductors, suprconducting. Cooper pairs are believed to be formed via magnetic…

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Tunneling Spectroscopy of Fluctuating and Localized Preformed Cooper Pairs in Highly ……

Jueves 13 de abril 201210h:30-11h:30 “Tunneling Spectroscopy of Fluctuating and Localized Preformed Cooper Pairs in Highly Disordered Superconducting FilmsProf: Claude Chapelier  (SPSMS, UMR-E9001,CEA-INAC/UJF, Grenoble-France)Resumen:We have performed tunneling spectroscopy on superconducting titanium nitride and indium oxide films in the vicinity of the…

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Young Researcher Seminar

Seminar of the Young Researchers at INC.

This meeting is weekly organized by young researchers at Nicolas Cabrera Institute and informs the audience about the updates in their research projects. Meeting is followed by an informal discussion session where Researchers address the querries and also receive feedback enabling them to strengthen their talks.

Where: Conference Room, Modulo VIII 4th Floor.

Next meetings: To be announced.

Previous meetings: 

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