Awarded ex aequo to: Alejandro Gómez Tornero for his work “2D Arrays of Hexagonal Plasmonic Necklaces for Enhanced Second Harmonic Generation” made in collaboration with the INC members Luisa Bausá Lópezz and Mariola Ramirez and published in Advanced Materials 29, 15, (2017),  and to: Rubén Seoane for his work “Andreev Bound States Formation and Quasiparticle Trapping in Quench Dynamics” made in collaboration with the INC members Alvaro Martín Rodero and Andredo Levy Yeyati and published en Physical Review Letters 117, 267701, (2016).


To promote excellent work of the young scientists of the Nicolás Cabrera Institute (INC), by recognizing two main young authors of publications of the INC.



  • Candidates should be Early Stage Researcers (up to 5 yers after Master degree, or full time equivalent).
  • The publication has to incluede at least one permanent member of the INC, and “Instituto Nicolás Cabrera” in the adress or affiliation.
  • Date of the publication has to be between 01 November 2016 and 01 November 2017.
  • The publication wil be presented in a talk or a poster in the Young researchers meeting 2017 of the INC.
  • Two different candidates cannot present the same publication.


Candidates should submit by email to, before 1 Novembre 2017:

  • Name, surname, ID number (NIF or NIE) present affiliation and collaborator(s) of the INC.
  • One pdf file with the publication to be considered.
  • One pdf file with the abstracts of all publications of the candidate, from november 2016

First prize

  • 400 € (including taxes)
  • A certificate

Second price

  • 100 € (including taxes)
  • A certificate

Award committee

The board of the INC wil choose three senior scientists, experts in Materials Science.

Award criteria

Scientific excellence of the work, and scientific potential of the candidate.

Announcement  here