“WHERE PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY MEET: Molecular motors, biomembranes and electron transfer in biological systems”

Miraflores de la Sierra, Residencia La Cristalera, 17-21 September 2001


DIRECTORS: Nicolás Agrait AND Marisela Vélez

Sponsored by:

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología

Sociedad de Biofísica de España

Fundación BBVA


This summer school aims to approach some relevant areas in biology to young physical researchers as well as to illustrate the increasing contribution of physics to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying biological processes. We have selected three biophysics topics: molecular motors, biomembranes and electron transfer in biological systems as significant examples of areas in which a physical approach, conceptual as well as experimental, has had a very strong impact. Our aim is to provide a broad forum of discussion of recent problems in this emerging and exciting field in a way accessible and useful to young students, as well as to stimulate interdisciplinary discussions.


This International School is primarily addressed to young researchers in the physics field, although this year, given the interdisciplinary topic, we also encourage graduate students with a biochemical background to participate. The maximum number of participants is 80, including the lecturers. Some scholarships will be provided for students (covering full board and lodging at the Residence) their number depending on the financial support finally obtained.

Debido a los trágicos sucesos ocurridos recientemente, les comunicamos que la Organización de la Escuela de Verano, no puede garantizar en este momento la asistencia de todos los conferenciantes, especialmente de aquellos procedentes de los Estados Unidos.
Por tanto, se sugiere a las personas interesadas en asistir a alguna de las conferencias en particular, que contacten previamente con la organización.

Agradecemos a todos su comprensión.


Molecular Motors
Electron transfer in biological systems
Three lecturers will address each of these areas. They will provide a general perspective of the biological relevance and physical principles of the systems, deal with experimental approaches available for their study and present a theoretical framework in which to fit the existing experimental information.


Robert Cross (Marie Curie Institute)

Carlos Bustamante (UC Berkeley)

David Keller (University of New Mexico)

Avinoam Ben-Shaul (Hebrew University )

Evan Evans (University of British Columbia)

Mark Sansom (Oxford University)

George McLendon (Princeton University)

Jose Onuchic (UC San Diego)

Leslie Dutton (University of Pennsylvania)